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Alessandra Ambrosio - Michelle Mazur Lif

“Michelle Mazur is a resource I have depended on for years for things health and wellness. I love the cleanses, and truly feel a difference. ”

 - Alessandra Ambrosio

“ For Anti inflammatory food recipes and tricks/tips I highly recommend Michelle Mazur  ”

- Olivia Culpo

Olivia Culpo - Michelle Mazur Life Welln

Yoga Teacher Training

Brianna Retting

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle over the past eight weeks and had no idea 

how much it would transform me. Between her one on one commitment and 

her extensive knowledge of everything yoga, I believe I've come out with more than I 

could have with any other teacher training in Los Angeles right now. 

She helped me find a deeper understanding of myself through my practice and I hope 

to one day be able to repay her for the help and the jump start she's given 

me on my career and life in yoga. Michelle is a little ray of sunshine every morning; 

committed to her craft and to helping anyone in need and I am truly grateful to 

have met such an amazing woman.

I am in my 4th week of Michelle's Yoga Teachers 200 hours Training and I cannot be happier that I picked this one out of the myriad of training throughout the Los Angeles area.

Michelle is an amazing teacher with a couple of decades of experience behind her back. The knowledge that she has is invaluable and she is very humble to share her experience with students. And let me tell you, she has a lot of students and graduates

If you are looking for knowledge that you can take and apply in your everyday life, you should stop looking and sign up for the next term.

The curriculum is extensive. Not only you’ll learn about yoga philosophy, history, asanas, and yoga practices, you will learn the therapeutic approach and will be able to help people with various injuries that can cause neck, back, shoulder, and knee pain. You will also learn Ayurvedic approaches to diagnose and treat some health conditions.  

If you want to learn anything about yoga and change your life forever, this training is for you!

 I have a slight disability in my arm and have always had trouble with flow classes and getting into the "perfect" posture.  I have now found out that flow without proper alignment isn't really yoga....its a gym exercise.  proper alignment individualized for the person is everything.  The difference between a form perfect pose versus a function perfect pose is night and day.  yoga therapy is all about function over form to benefit you, ...the individual.  I can feel the difference in my practice already and I only just finished my second weekend. The yurt where classes take place is a magical, sacred place.  I feel I have found my niche, my light, my purpose by taking Michelle's yoga therapy training program so that I can share this amazing work.  Michelle not only teaches yoga is so much more.  She told me it would change my life and I already feel it.  I have five more three day weekends for the 200 certifications and then onward towards my 500-hour certification.  Thank you so much Michelle.  I will update this when I finish my 200 hours. Namaste

Simply life-changing.  Michelle creates an extraordinarily loving, healing space that lets you absorb the wisdom of yoga beyond the looking good and 'noise' that inundates so much of the local yoga industry.  


Michelle's expert training in yoga therapy and Ayurveda spear-headed my personal healing and a change in life direction to something more holistic and authentic to who I am. After her 200 hours, I took her 300-hour teacher training, which gave me the tools and confidence to help others suffering from autoimmune illnesses.  Her continued mentorship has been invaluable.  If you want more than a 'drive-through' training preferring something rare and personal, and respond to a teacher who is experienced, gentle and powerful check her out.


 Lisa D.

Michelle is a wonderful yoga teacher and I really appreciate participation from one of her yoga teachers training 300 hours. I highly recommend her services. What makes her classes special is that she really feels her passion is true for her work.

300s (1).jpg

Michele is such an amazing and caring teacher. She is smart, experienced, and a beautiful soul. The 200-hour training class is very well rounded and covers a lot.

You will learn about yoga therapy, the practice of yoga, Ayurveda, meditation, yoga sutras, and spiritual discussions.

300s (2).jpg

Michelle Mazur is one of the most educated and spiritually aware people I have ever studied under. It is a great pleasure and honor to have taken her training in her beautiful yurt and to have her as a mentor! I highly recommend both her training and her private 1:1 Ayurveda sessions.

300s (3).jpg

I just finished Michelle's 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course. It was amazing!  Way better than what I expected! I really appreciate Michelle's holistic approach,  encouraging and caring teaching style!

Modern Ayurveda Cleanse Reviews

Jennifer Littas

I have to say the green smoothie wakes me up more than my four cups of coffee in the morning. I don’t even feel like reaching for it.  This teaches you a lot about addictions, I’ve lost a lot of weight on this which is something I didn’t necessarily need but the weight of negative thoughts has been so incredible. The clarity within my mind has been huge. I’ve even made changes in relationships since I’ve been doing it.  I am going to incorporate a lot of this cleanse into my daily life. I am really grateful for it and for Michelle. 

Dorothy Bernard 

As a dietitian, I am always curious about other health modalities. I have always been interested in ancient Ayurvedic Medicine and took the challenge to participate in the Michelle Mazur Ayurvedic cleanse. It was a great way to stop bad habits acquired during Covid and a reset for nourishing my body with the nutrients it craves! I also really enjoyed the rituals upon rising in the morning and prior to going to sleep. I felt more grounded and will continue to incorporate many of these aspects to my life. Thank you Michelle for inviting me to be part of your program. You are so amazing at what you do.

Modern Yogi Girl

I feel happier and more connected to my body than I have in years. Michelle is a blessing from the universe. I’m so thankful I found her. 


I’ve been suffering from a deep “heaviness” in my lower stomach and digestive track, and after 24 hours of the cleanse, I already feel relief. I am just so thankful I found you Michelle Mazur! ❤️


Decided to do another week of the cleanse! Loving the results. Feel so in-tuned with my body and energized!

Marla U

I’m am amazed at how much more  conscious I am of what’s happening in my body since working with Michelle. 

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