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Gut health controls the health of your entire body and mind.

  • 1 h
  • 200 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

GUT HEALTH - GUT HEALTH these days is an area that is getting a lot of attention. Science has finally discovered that most of our immunities live in the gut. Most of the neurotransmitters that keep the brain in check live in the gut. We have also discovered much of the cause of illness is because of lack of microbiome in the gut. And the interesting fact is that the modern day western diet does not support gut bacteria. Actually there are wonderful fungi that also live in the gut that we need for health and wellness. Changing the gut bacteria can be done quite quickly but healing from weak immunities will take a little time but can be done. Our bodies are quite interesting because we want to find this homeostasis and good health its actually the most natural for us. If you are a little under the weather the results are fast , if you have been neglectful in your diet and taken many prescription medicines and antibiotics and steroids it takes a bit longer but it can change with the right nutrition. Gut health and the microbiome controls the health of your entire body and your mind. Are you interested in learning how to have trillians of microbes in your gut to keep you as healthy and as smart as possible? initial visit 90 minutes, follow up 60 minutes Recommended 3-4 sessions then a follow up weeks later

Cancellation Policy

If needing to cancel or reschedule a session, a requirement of 24 hours ahead of the session is required. Payment will be forfeited if these requirements are not met.

Contact Details


Michelle Mazur Life Wellness, 21st Street, Santa Monica, CA, USA

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