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I am so thrilled to offer my Modern Ayurveda 7 Day Cleanse to everyone. This is a plant based food cleanse, as I believe we can clean our insides using food as medicine. I originally offered this as a challenge on social media and the reaction was so enormous all around the world and results so powerful that I wanted to continue to offer this to anyone who might want to take part in a cleanse throughout the year. I personally do this 4 times per year with the change of each season, but you truly can cleanse anytime of the year when you feel your system could use a reboot.


We are a fine tuned machine and just as you can change the oil in a car to help it run better, a cleanse can do this to our insides.


Happy Cleansing,

Michelle Mazur


Alessandra Ambrosio,


Michelle Mazur is a resource I have depended on for years for things health and wellness. I love the cleanses, and truly feel a difference. 


Olivia Culpo,

Public Figure

I highly recommend Michelle Mazur. I love her anti-inflammatory foods and tips and tricks so much.


The Modern Ayurveda Cleanse



A 7 day powerful and affective plant based food cleanse to recharge and reboot your system.

  • Improved sleep quality  

  • Decreased brain fog and increased mental clarity

  • Improved texture and appearance in skin tone

  • Increased energy

  • Giving your digestive system a rest

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Improvement in daily elimination

  • A general sense of all over well being and positive mood shift


Cleansing Plant Based Menu
  • A complete cleansing menu strategically designed to keep you focused from early morning until going to bed.

  • A list of foods to eliminate during the cleanse

  • A complete grocery list to make sure you have everything you need 

  • Access to Michelle for every and any question you might have during your cleanse experience.

Specific Supplement Routine
  • A very specific set of daily supplements to aid in the cleansing process

  • Superfoods, gut microbiome healing foods, and ancient Ayurveda healing foods used as medicine, 

Spirituality and Mind Work
  • A daily activity checklist to help you keep track of the hour to hour requirements of the cleanse

  • Daily Gratitude exercise

  • Daily Chakra cleansing exercise

  • Journaling exercise

  • Daily meditation


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Marisa Podes,

Fashion sales manager

I  can not say enough amazing things about Michelle and her cleanse. I had been wanting to do a cleanse for a long time but always found it overwhelming to find the right one.  I was so excited when I came across Michelle’s 7 day cleanse.  The directions were super clear, the ingredients easy to find and there was very little prep needed! 


The best part of it all was Michelle’s partnership throughout the whole process and I sure did seek out her encouragement and advice daily.  She was available to answer any questions I had and helped guide me along the way.  I successfully completed the 7 days and feel more energetic and alive than I have in a long time. My sugar cravings have vanished and my workouts are more powerful and affective due to my endless energy.  


I  truly look forward to continuing my health journey with Michelle and having her as my go to for all things health and wellness related. Her knowledge and experience are unmatched.

Jessica Seindorff

Jessica Steindorff,

Talent Manager

I am so grateful to have found Michelle Mazur. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge and information, but her care for her clients goes above and beyond. I was in and out of doctors offices trying to figure out what was wrong with my body. I was covered in hives the second I touched skin, and my stomach and I never got along. I was suffering from daily migraines as well. After doing her 7 day cleanse everything cleared up. I have actually continued to implement half of the cleanse in my daily life and resort to reaching out numerous times per week to schedule sessions. I recommend Michelle Mazur with my entire mind, body and soul. 


Lauren Howard,


As someone who suffers with sometimes crippling anxiety, I can confidently say that Michelle Mazur’s approach to wellness has changed my life. I have always looked up to her immense love for yoga. After hearing her stories of how she suffered from life altering sicknesses, I knew I had to try her Ayurveda cleanse. 


I must say, I was skeptical at first. I have never been one to take on a cleanse. After day two, I knew it was helping me. It’s incredible what these foods did for not only my body, but my mind. Something else I can’t believe I now do which I can’t imagine life without is meditating. It’s true-once you meet someone who inspires you, it’s amazing what your mind and body can do. 


All-in-all, I can not recommend Michelle Mazur  enough. She is inspiring, kind and a success story. Not only for herself, but all of her students over the years, and her loyal cleanse followers. If you’re looking to take a step into wellness and better your life, Michelle will be there for you with any questions/concerns you may have. I am truly so thankful for her and can not wait to learn how to bring more well-being practices into my life. 

"I have to say the green smoothie wakes me up more than my four cups of coffee in the morning. I don’t even feel like reaching for it.  This teaches you a lot about addictions, I’ve lost a lot of weight on this which is something I didn’t necessarily need but the weight of negative thoughts has been so incredible. The clarity within my mind has been huge. I’ve even made changes in relationships since I’ve been doing it.  I am going to incorporate a lot of this cleanse into my daily life. I am really grateful for it and for Michelle. "

Jennifer Littas

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