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I'm Michelle

I am  a holistic health / wellness coach and Yoga Therapist  Michelle Mazur Life Wellness was started from a vision to help people reach their health and wellness goals. My wealth of knowledge comes from decades of study and years of learning how to heal my own health and physical challenges. Everything I teach my clients today comes from real experience I learned when western medicine could not offer me help or answers. Here is my story below.


my personal


I came into the world of holistic wellness out of necessity. As a teenager and young adult, I suffered from intense physical pain without any understanding of where to turn or what to do. 


As a young adult, the concept of “healing” for me was always tied to temporary relief. It never occurred to me that the brunt of my physical pain was tied to emotional duress, years of overworking my body, and quick “fixes” that overlooked the roots of my own experiences. 


In my teenage years, I lived as a ballerina in New York City. I suffered from a terrible eating disorder, chronic illnesses, and pain in my joints, hips, and back. I was treated regularly with antibiotics and weekly injections of cortisone in my spine. 


My short career as a dancer left me with failing legs, joint pain, a severe stomach condition, and chronic infections. 



I became an exercise-obsessed athlete with an eating disorder that controlled much of my life.While in this place, a life altering family trauma gave me a series of physical and emotional responses that led me to a place of complete dysfunction. 

I was 38 years old. I knew that in order to completely transform my life, I would need to transform my entire understanding of my own health and body.  It was this point of total destruction that my holistic wellness journey began.

I dove head-first into philosophy. While studying I found the language and concepts that would change my life, human connection to nature, the Divine, and the universe. 



I studied meditation and pranayama. I learned about nutrition and the effect of exercise and movement on the joints. I sought out teachings of the Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, and the Upanishads. I read Buddha, Krishnamurti, and other great sages that walked this earth. The more I learned, the more I understood the profound relationship between our physical symptoms and our emotional body and mind. 


My journey passed through a myriad of practices and teachings. Today, I no longer experience the physical and emotional pain that I felt once owned me. 

approach to healing because I know firsthand how deeply our physical body is connected to our emotional pain. When we put our intention towards honoring that connection, we begin to liberate ourselves. 

    • 200 hour Teacher Training 2001 – Yogaworks ( with Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, and Lisa Wolford • 200 hour Teacher Training 2002 – Yogaworks (with Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, and Lisa Wolford) • 300 hour Teacher Training 2003 – Yogaworks (with Maty Ezraty, Chuck Miller, Lisa Wolford, and Jasmine Lieb) • Yoga Therapy Program (3 year program) - Loyola Marymount University • Yoga Philosophy Certification – Loyola Marymount University • Iyengar Teacher Training – Manuso • 25 year in depth study and practice of Yoga Therapy, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and Viniyoga
    • Mentorship with an herbalist from Grass valley. • Private mentorship with Yoga philosophy teacher –Robert Birnberg • Ayurveda medicine mentorship with (Dr. Light Miller, Mela Butcher, Eleni T, Robert Swoboda) • Private Yoga Therapy mentorship with Jasmine Lieb • Anatomy and physiology private mentorship with two different Dr’s of physical therapy. • Yoga Sutra study with Gary Krafstow • Intense yoga study with Annie Carpenter and Jasmine Lieb
    • Buddhism (3 different courses) – UCLA • Kinesiology (3 different courses) – UCLA • Positive Psychology – Yale online
    • The teachings of Krishnamurti and Ravi Ravindra. • Biohacking and supplementation of herbs and supplements • Quantum physics and new age science • Studied adaptations in Yoga postures and Yoga for the sick and the weaker individual. • Endless workshops and seminars in various subjects related to health, wellness, and yoga for from 1998 - 2015 • Nutrition has been a lifelong study but I also have a holistic nutrition certification from Cornel online
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